Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pino and Gwibber

Following the suggestion by one of the readers(Jeugo) of my earlier post, I did a quick comparison between Pino and Gwibber.

Gwibber supports a wide variety of social networking services, but Pino currently supports only identi.ca and twitter. But this doesn't sound appealing to me as I need only a twitter client.

The UI of Gwibber seems to be cluttered when compared with that of Pino. The huge font size was also annoying which reduced the number of messages shown at a time.

Pino has a tray icon through which I can easily access the application. When using Gwibber, I have to keep the window open or minimised to view the updates.

P.S: May be I will switch to Gwibber, when I start using a service which is not supported by Pino. But for now Pino is the better option.