Monday, 9 February 2009

Save Trees in Eranakulam District Court Campus

The Eranakulam District Court authorities have decided to cut down some decades old trees claiming that they are dangerous to people and property. In addition the authorities have also decided to remove some of the trees in the Maharajas College Campus. This news was reported in the city edition of Mathrubhumi daily on Saturday(6th February). There has been a strict protest against this anti-environmental act from the Town Planning Committee and various other organisations.

The authorities have found that some of the branches of the "accused" trees are fatal to the property and life. Instead of removing only the "fatal" branches, they have decided to remove the entire trees. The Social Forestry Division immediately issued the consent and the Public Works Department also acted quickly.( It would be nice if this enthusiasm was also shown in repairing the roads and bridges also. )

The District Court campus and Maharajas College campus are some of the remaining greenery spots in Kochi. The lush green in the city have been replaced by huge and colourful concrete mansions. Almost 60% of the roadside trees have been cut down by the public and government in the last 3 years. The temperature and the climatic conditions of the city is turning extreme. But still, people are not at all aware about the significance of trees in maintaining our environment and nature.

If you feel that this move is an anti-social and anti-environmental act, then join this cause in facebook

News Update:
KOCHI: The seven trees on the Ernakulam district court premises that were marked for cutting down have been saved from the axe for the time being.
The decision to cut down the trees has been put on hold following protest from environmental groups and the Town Planning Standing Committee of the City Corporation.
The fate of the trees will be decided after a spot visit by Kurian Joseph, judge of the Kerala High Court, on Wednesday
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